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How To Use Quantum Entanglement To Improve Your Happiness.

How To Use Quantum Entanglement To Improve Your Happiness.

“Fuck you!”

I’d had enough. There was simply no more room in my life for people who spoke to me like this.  It was time to alter my future. So I did.

I won’t go into the blow by blow. It’s enough to say by the end of the argument, I’d chosen to let go of a close friend. Irrevocably and quite publicly.

I probably wouldn’t mention it had it been an anomaly, but it was the third time in as many weeks I closed a door on an important relationship. And it felt good. Real good.

I’m a believer in the notion that we attract what we put out into the world. It goes beyond spiritual dogma. It’s an immutable law of physics: quantum entanglement, if you need a label.

Without going all Stephen Hawking, I’lll do my best to explain. 

We are all made up of particles, bonded together by electro-magnetism. If you take one of the larger particles, an atom, and split it, you find smaller, charged particles called electrons. Electrons are either positively charged or negatively charged, and are thus drawn to one another. It was observed that if you separate two paired electrons, no matter how far they travel away from one another, they remain paired. Whether a few feet away of a thousand light years, the bond is so powerful that when one electron changes its direction of rotation, the other one will follow without delay. Imagine that, across an ocean of time, the particles that make up everything around us—even us—have the ability to communicate instantly. 

What does this have to do with letting go of bad actors in your life? Everything.

The people I axed from my life were attracted to me, and I to them. We didn’t have a choice. We found one another and would remain together until one of us changed our point of attraction.

This change occurred a few months back, when an ember of resolve sparked deep within me. 

Since my divorce some seven years earlier, I had been living on my heels. Dejected and rejected, I had lost my place in the world. The sense of strength and confidence I’d built inside the security of my marriage was destroyed the instant my wife took me to a hotel on a Tuesday afternoon to let me know she’d been having an affair. At that moment, my electrons changed direction and like a magnet, I began sending out a signal to the universe. I was injured and vulnerable. I went from alpha to omega. And like blood in the water, this sent a signal to the sharks circling my life. 

From my ex-wife to my best friend, the takers took everything I gave them. That’s what takers do. 

And I deserved it. Instead of standing my ground, I clung to the foolish notion of karma–that unconditional love, forgiveness and understanding would eventually produce some return on investment. 

But like all wounded and vulnerable people, I had a blind spot. I didn’t count on the fact that eventually I’d be left with nothing left to give. Emotionally and financially, you can only give so much until your bankrupt. And when there’s nothing left to give, you get to the bottom of Maslow’s hierarchy: survival. Live or die. 

It took me awhile, but I chose to live. With my “Fuck you’s” I opted change my rotation and uncouple from some electrons that I’d allowed to cling to me a bit too long. 

Today, a few of these negatively charged particles remain. And in most cases, detaching will require a little more tact than a “Fuck You!”  Maybe something less belligerent, like ignoring a text. 

A little passive, yes, but effective in the sense that with each action, I continue to change my energy and attract new particles into my life. 

Sure, it’s scary. Change brings uncertainty. But I'm learning to live with uncertainty—even crave it. It’s getting just a bit easier to wrestle with. Instead of waking to 2 AM night sweats, I am able to fall back asleep. I am able to wake refreshed. I am able to live again as both the alpha and the omega. 


Some useful resources on the laws of attraction and quantum entanglement:






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